We Consuliants

For Clients

Our aim is to provide a perfect profile match for every active requirement

We have ever increasing number of Resumes available with relevant experience in the Healthcare Sector.

Among the positions we have successfully closed include the following:-

  1. Doctors at all levels from Residents to Consultants
  2. Nurses
  3. Nursing Tutors
  4. Dieticians
  5. Patient care co-ordinators
  6. Human resource at all levels from executives to HOD
  7. Quality managers
  8. Food and beverage managers and staff
  9. Front office staff
  10. Hospital accounts and billing staff
  11. Technicians (Lab, Cath-Lab, Dialysis)
  12. Operation theatre technicians
  13. Marketing staff with healthcare experience
  14. Pharmacist
  15. Purchase and stores staff with healthcare experience
  16. Medical Superintendent
  17. Nursing Superintendent
  18. Administration and Operations staff at all levels
  19. Manager Materials
  20. International Marketing Managers
  21. Medical Secretaries
  22. Facility Managers
  23. Housekeeping Supervisors
  24. NGO Project Co-ordinators
  25. Counsellor

For Candidates

"WE Consultants" is in the business of providing healthcare solutions for some of the most prestigious hospitals of India and now internationally. Our specialist approach is a key element to our rapid success.

We are now making a foray into the International arena and aim to initially assist doctors followed by nursing and paramedical staff in high quality international recruitments.

You, as members of the medical fraternity, are our CANDIDATES and we aim to ‘profile match’ you with the most appropriate and lucrative job opportunity in India or Overseas.